Curator and Host: Serayna Keya Solanki  

Serayna Keya Solanki is from Leicester, UK. She is now living in London. Serayna is of Gujarati heritage, that migrated through Uganda; she is always reflecting on her communities experience and history. When learning about climate and environmental issues, she noticed that there was a large global, cultural and historical piece missing or unspoken that needed to be learned from to then imagine local and global solutions. Grandmothers' Garden has been curated through hundreds of conversations, experiences and content as part of a depthful and expansive learning journey. She believes in the importance of learning and knowledge sharing spaces for marginalised communities for the benefit of their communities and wider society; especially in light of climate challenges and the needed solutions. 


Serayna has a BSc in Natural Sciences (Biology, Maths, Physics, Politics). She has led workshops at St Ethelburgas' Centre of Peace and Reconciliation and supports community projects to have better understanding and representation of climate justice in climate solutions. She has recently been a researcher to explore the barriers for BAME people in accessing countryside nature, focusing on the South Asian community of Leicester (with New Economics Foundation and Campaign for Rural England) as well as looking at how 18-35 year old BAME people have experienced lockdown (with Ubele). Serayna is also part of the Diaspora Futures Collective that hosts community dialogues on climate justice. Enriched by nature, art and culture; she is also a learning beekeeper, hobbyist writer, poet, embroidery artist and painter.