Serayna Keya Solanki  

Serayna is the curator and main facilitator for Grandmothers' Garden. This vision has come through understanding that community learning is powerful and needed. Grandmother's Garden reminds her to learn from older knowledge, art and from nature. She has a university educational background in biology, maths and politics. She has worked across community climate projects, large organisations, climate justice activism, policy and research - always supporting the representation and knowledge of globally diverse communities. Serayna is from Leicester, with heritage in South Gujarat, India (as well as historical migration through East Africa) and is part of the Dalit community. She is also a learning beekeeper, hobby painter and embroidery artist (inspired by her family traditions).

  Kaajal Modi, Kitchen Cultures  

"Kitchen Knowledge is Earth Knowledge"  

Kaajal is an artist and design researcher interested in food preserving/saving/reuse in the migrant kitchen as a practice of sustainability, as well as an eco-social care practice. 
- What knowledge do we have in our homes and kitchens that are of Earth knowledge?
- What people, practices, creatures and locations do our recipes contain?
- What would our world food system look like if we embraced community, care and Earth Knowledge?' 

  Mama D, Community Centred Knowledge  

"Ways of Nourishment" 

Mama D is a co-founder and lead learning support at Community Centred Knowledge. She uses sensory storytelling which immerses each body in processes which hold the intention to bring greater attention to the possibilities and opportunities which surround us. With a background in agriculture and environment, community resilience and approaches to lifelong learning, Mama D combines these in a nourishing, alchemical broth to engage and transform all she engages with. Having worked in East and West Africa and the Caribbean and amongst various marginalised communities in the UK, Mama D is committed to restoring community confidence where it has been eroded and to providing opportunities for different narratives to come together to build healing  and restorative knowledges.

  Sheree Mack  

Dr. Sheree Mack is a Creatrix with a practice which manifests through poetry, storytelling, visual journaling, collage, image and the unfolding histories of black people. Sheree engages audiences around Black women’s voices and bodies, Black feminism, ecology and memory. She advocates for Black women through facilitating national and international creative workshops and retreats in the landscape, encouraging and supporting women on their journey of remembrance back to their bodies and authentic selves. Sheree has a PhD in Creative Writing from Newcastle University focusing on Black British women poets. Currently, she's the first Black writer in residence with Northumberland National Park, UK. 

  Lateisha Lovelace-Hanson  

"The Ritual Knowledge of Remembering"

Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson is a multi-disciplinary artist, community healer and socio-cultural systems change educator of Jamaican heritage. Working with performance, somatics-movement, writing, curation and facilitation across the intersections of arts, social-climate justice and education sector(s) to manifest connection, change and transformation. Lateisha's practice inhabits the spiritual call to create spaces of healing, community-empowerment and generative culture towards collective liberation from mutual oppressions. Lateisha draws upon the power of ancestral prophecy and embodied liminal/dream/speculative realms, unearthing decolonial relationships to our bodies, memory and Earth. Exploring, researching and practicing through the body in the fertile soil of Black feminist futurist traditions, climate justice ecologies and queering ways of knowing. 

Lateisha's work includes; TO THE RITUAL KNOWLEDGE OF REMEMBERING.Lateisha recent commissions include YEWANDE 103 for DaDa Fest on the practice of initimacy within the context of intergenerational, systemic and institutional violence.  And Camden Art Centre for The Botanical Mind exhibition. 

Lateisha's work 'S/He Breathe/S’, an afro futurist interdisciplinary collaborative theatre project supported by Arts Council England and Camden People’s Theatre is currently in development. Lateisha is co-founder and leader of HIT THE GROUND - an anti-oppression creative project space, running workshops and producing programmes in activist, community and art settings.

  Anna Lau, The Arteries  

"Ancestral Relationships to Place"

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  Dawood Quershi  

"Our Connection to Nature"

Our future must be one of connection to nature and a deeper understanding between us and the world we live in, I am committed to that change and to growing that connection. I am an speaker, a Communicator and a writer. Together we can find this connection that we've always had, but has become shrouded by the world around us. Ask yourselves, do you feel connected to nature? How does this connection manifest?

  Poppy Johal  

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  Paola Rozo  

"Noticing what you notice"

Paola is a Latina born in the highlands of Bolivia living in London. She is a facilitator of social transformation and process-oriented awareness, and also an artist and doodler.

Paola is committed to supporting people's curiosity in unfolding their inner and outer experiences with themselves, their most immediate relationships with nature (including people) and the wider world.

She has worked extensively with community-based collectives, groups and organisations as well as indigenous peoples in different places and territories in Latin America and Africa.

  Zena Edwards, Dialogue in Verse  

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There has been endless support, from envisioning what Grandmothers' Garden is to sharing dreams of an education programme. Many people reading and editing the website and bringing Grandmothers' Garden. Family members, old and new friends, work partners, people who we met through shared enthusiasm for this programme. To those who have offered encouragement, conversation and support - Thank you.