Do you want to learn more about climate and environmental challenges? Would you like to share and learn about different knowledges of the Earth? Do you know what environmental and climate injustices people across the world are facing? And what changes they propose, imagine and create?

Grandmothers’ Garden is a 12-part online programme for group learning about climate change and environmental justice whilst sharing cultural knowledge. There are 10 spaces for people from UK minority ethnic communities (e.g Black Caribbean, Black African, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Arab and Pacific Islands). It welcomes people of different ages (18+).


The programme has been curated by Serayna Keya Solanki with the assistance of many who have wished to learn and share in this way. 


All communities hold a wealth of knowledge that shapes how we see and connect to the world. For UK ethnic minority communities, these understandings are weaved into us, travelling through generations and across seas. They can be held in words, songs, sounds, written and oral stories, movements, food, craft and art. We each inherit small but powerful ways of being and living from our communities and the Earth that offer insight on how we can navigate difficulty. Community is powerful.

Through heritage and family connections, UK minority ethnic communities are connected to places where environmental loss and the climate crisis are affecting people today. There is an understanding that those affected first and worst are not the ones responsible for it; through a long chain of causes, the way the world is working have led us to this situation. However, the voices and ideas of those most affected are the most important to figure out the global and local changes needed. Working together and helping each other is necessary, in the UK and across the world. We are all connected.

Grandmothers' Garden wishes to be a temporary alternative space for community education, using conversation and offering guidance. It wants to create space for UK minority ethnic communities to have their reality and knowledge recognised given climate and environmental issues today.


Sometimes public 'climate education' can be based on the climate science and technology solutions that do not consider global diversity and issues of global equality. It can exclude history and politics as well as the role of art, culture, experiences and knowledges - which everyone has a piece of. In Grandmothers' Garden we flourish with knowings across cultures; reflect and learn; share in community and deepen creativity

  What will we share and learn?  

Grandmothers’ Garden will support learning about climate and environmental challenges today, as community involvement is encouraged around the world. Through discussions and educational sessions, we will learn about different narratives, challenges and paths forward through the lens of 'climate and environmental justice'. Expect to talk about climate and environmental science, international approaches to solutions and how communities are experiencing different but connected challenges. Each of us have valuable information to share. Through conversation, we can draw insights, awareness and understanding as we search for solutions. 

This programme will encourage the recognition of the many different knowledges, wisdoms and histories amongst UK minority ethnic communities. External hosts will guide reflections, conversations and sharingThere's so much to share - it's up to you to decide what and how you do it. There will be plenty to listen to and talk about. Food! Memories! Art! Stories! Poems! Language! All forms of knowledge count.

The programme will also be a space to talk about colonial legacies and migration stories across communities. We will not be able to cover everything, but the richness of the group will allow us to sense the world in different ways. Through conversation, people can discuss issues relevant to them and learn from each other. By accessing existing knowledge and building new knowledge, we can transform our own lives, our communities, our environment and wider society. 

Climate change and environmental justice can be big and complicated, even more when we might be closely connected to challenges or experiences of injustice. We'll be connecting the dots and asking more questions. There may be lots of words that we wouldn't use everyday but, together, the group will guide the pace of learning. Your knowledge will help with learning; your creativity will inspire. This programme is an attempt to find a harmony in learning about the world's climate and environmental challenges whilst remembering there's a lot to learn from in each person's cultures, histories and community experiences. Let's share and come together to imagine the much needed shifts.


  How will the programme work?  

  • Introduction session on Thursday 20th May 2021 @ 6:00 - 7:00pm. We will get to meet each other.  

  • Support with tech and ZOOM is available before the introduction session.

  • This will be followed by two blocks of 6 weekly sessions starting from Wednesday 26th May 2021 to Wednesday 30th June 2021. We will break for the summer holidays. Then return for a further 6 weeks from Wednesday 8th September until Wednesday 13th October 2021. 

  • Sessions will take place in the evening, every Wednesday 6:00 - 8:00pm via ZOOM.

  • If you live with a partner, friend, sibling or family member who would also like to take part on your zoom screen, please share this when signing up.

  • During the programme, if COVID permits, there will be an opportunity to meet in person for an outside activity (there's a little bit of funding for those who are in financially difficult situations; unemployed or/and receiving benefits).

  • Throughout the programme, you will receive some small creative gifts for you to use if you wish and fun activity prompts if you want to do them!

  • After every education session, there will be a few questions to guide what happens in the next session, to make sure the content is not too simple or complicated. 

  • You will have the option of accessing any documents we use through email or/and by post!


  Who is this programme for?  

This programme is designed for UK minority ethnic people who want to learn more about climate and environmental problems. They will not have worked or/and volunteered in the 'Climate and Environment sector' and campaigned on issues, but they might know family and friends who are, and enjoy having conversations with them about it. They might have learnt through TV, newspapers and social media or through word of mouth, being connected to places that are already affected or even through observing and experiencing the world. They will want to reflect on theirs and different community histories too; perhaps having rarely done so before. Through personal learning and interest, they would like to be part of a group to learn more. 

There are 10 spaces for people from UK minority ethnic communities (e.g Black Caribbean, Black African, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Arab and Pacific Islands). It welcomes people of different ages (18+).

Consider sharing this programme around to friends, family and within your community! You may know of people who have expressed interest in learning more about climate change through histories, cultures around the world and justice. 

  How can I join the programme?  

If you're interested in joining Grandmothers' Garden or have any questions, please submit a message below or email grandmothersgarden2021@gmail.com or call 07881486565 by Friday 7th May 2021. Calling is encouraged - please call anytime between 10am - 8pm, Monday to Thursday.


Your will place will be confirmed by Monday 10th May 2021.


Thanks for submitting!