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Grandmother’s Garden is a 12-part online ZOOM programme for 10 people from ethnic minority communities in the UK. It runs weekly, every Wednesday 6 - 8pm. It is starting on 26th May 2021 for 6 weeks and again for 6 weeks starting 8th September 2021. It welcome people of all ages to learn together and share knowledge. It will help you develop the knowledge and skills to further understand climate and environmental issues that are connected to issues of injustice. It will be an online space to also talk about different cultural knowledge, memories and histories. 


Through heritage and family connections, UK ethnic minority people are connected to places where environment and climate change is affecting people today, first and most. There is a need to reflect on the world, how the world has created this situation and what changes are needed.


Sometimes ‘climate education’ can be science and technology based, with one world view. Often excluding history, injustices, culture, art and different world views. The community realities and knowledge of nature, events and lives across different communities is important. Looking at the issues from different ways can help us to think better about solutions that are in favour of communities affected first and worst.


By working together and helping each other, in the UK and across the world we can learn how to use our experiences and knowledge to make change.

  What will you learn, share and do?  

  • Learn about different cultures, histories (incl. colonial history and migration) and challenges on environmental world issues

  • Share your life experiences, community experience, international connections, cultural/ancestral knowledge and faith wisdom (food, memories, art, stories, poems, languages, tales)

  • Learn about climate and environmental science, solutions and worldwide challenges

  • Begin to contribute towards the community knowledge of ‘environmental and climate justice’

  • Meet 6+ external hosts with different skills and expertise to guide you to explore cultural, community and ancestral knowledge. From poetry, community work and wildlife film-making 

  • Meet 10 other people of different ages, ethnicities, languages and locations who also care about earth, climate, environment, community, history and culture

  • Sense the world in different ways, learning through community conversation and short education-based sessions

  • Receive gifts to use and activities to complete in your own time

  • Take part in an optional outdoor meet up and activity (COVID permitting)

  To support you, I can:  

  • Offer1-2-1 technology support throughout the programme to help you feel confident and comfortable with accessing emails and/or zoom

  • Provide you with printed documents by post in addition to online documents

  • Offer 30 minute conversations each week via telephone to clarify anything further or discuss your views and the information in the sessions


Unfortunately, I cannot:

  • Provide you with internet access, so you can access the programme

  • Hire and pay for any equipment you might need to get online

  • Offer translation services, BSL or live captioning

  How is the programme run?  

  • The course is run over at least 12 sessions in 2 parts, each 2 hour long. The sessions are run weekly on Wednesday evening from 6pm to 8pm.

  • The first session will be on Wednesday 26th May, and will run through until the early June. We will break for the summer holidays. Then continue for six weeks again, starting on Wednesday 8th September until early October.

  • The group will be small of 10 people*. If you live with a partner, friend, sibling or family member who would also like to take part on your zoom screen, please share this when signing up.

  • The course is designed to be adaptable to the needs and knowledge of the participants. It will use different learning approaches such as community conversation and storytelling, showing objects and art, activities and short 20min education explanations with room for questions and discussion.

  • The programme will be delivered in English. However, encourages people to share words and meanings of different languages. Conversational English and reading English is required.

Each of us have valuable information to share. Through conversation, we can draw insights, awareness and understanding as we search for community solutions. This programme is an attempt to find a harmony in learning about the world's climate and environmental challenges whilst remembering there's a lot to learn from in each person's cultures, histories and community experiences.

  How can I apply?  

  1. You can apply by filling in the message box below. I will then contact you by email or telephone

  2. By telephone. Please call 07881486565 between 10am – 8pm on Monday – Thursday.

All places have been filled! If you register, you will be put on a waiting list.


You will be asked questions:

  • Why are you interested in joining the programme?

  • What would you want to consider sharing to everyone on the programme?

  • How confident are you with climate change and environmental issues?

  • Technology and needs assessment – zoom, emails, document formats, printed documents, learning styles

  • Age group, location, community background

  • Caring commitments, commitments to dates and outdoor meet up interest

  • And any general conversation to get to know each other!


I will give you more information on what to expect throughout the programme. No prior technical knowledge is needed. You will know more than you think. It's aimed at those who aren't in the 'climate and environment sector' nor are part of campaigns. 

People of ages 35+ and especially 65+ are encouraged to apply – Places are reserved for people from this age group. People of ages 18+ are welcome. This wishes to be a programme where people can learn from different generations. People from working class backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


  Any questions?  

  • Please feel free to use the message box below

  • Email Serayna on

  • Call on 078814865651 between 10am – 8pm on Monday – Thursday



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